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American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF):
Find a farrier in your area or join a professional farriers group that is based on your continuing education

American Farriers Journal:
Farrier information, magazine and educational materials

American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA):
Find a certified veterinary chiropractor in your area

Backroads Data:
Farrier software programs

Equine Affarie:

Farrier Industry Association:
Listing of farrier industry companies

Farriers' Greeting Cards:
Great gifts for all animal lovers and for your farrier

Fence Chargers:
Perfect for all your horse and livestock fencing needs

Harry Patton Horseshoeing Supplies:
Two stores that supply a complete line of farrier supplies

Internet Archive:
Excellent resource to locate and reprint out of date and not in copyright books, articles, video's, etc such as "The Exterior of the Horse (1904)" by
Armand Goubaux, barrier Gustave, and Simon Harger.

Life Data Labs, Inc:
Right Step, Farriers Formula (the best hoof supplement), Farrier's Hoof Prep, and other products for your horse

Merck Veterinary Manual:
Reliable veterinarian reference site

Oleo Acres Farrier Supply:
Farrier store with a complete line of farrier and educational products

Rocky Mountain Research and Consulting, Inc:
Katy Watts educates you on all you need to know about dietary management of the carbohydrate intolerant horse, forage and pasture

Science of Motion:
Jean Luc Cornielle and The Science of Motion® is a new approach to therapy, which, instead of treating the pathological changes, (the
damages) is addressing the kinematics abnormalities causing the pathological changes.

Spalding Labatories:
Pesticide free fly control.  Many customers really speak very positive of these Fly Predators.

Tom's Western Store:
A fantastic equine store in Ovid, Michigan that has nearly everything from English to Western, Hats to Boots

Vettec, Inc:
Top of the line adhesives and supplies
Esco Buff's  Professional Farrier Service, LLC