and check out the
fantastic photo albums.
The following pictures on
this page are the pictures
of a Mediterranean
miniature donkey owned
by Loree Brown of Bear
Lake, Michigan.

Lily's distal phalanx (coffin
bone) fell out of her right
hind foot.  Lily is
completely sound at the
trot, and canter without
any problems.

  • Laminitic and Foundered Horseshoeing
  • Laminitis and Founder Consultations
  • Therapeutic Horseshoeing
  • Limb Length Disparity Horseshoeing
  • Limb Length Disparity Consultations
  • Lameness Exams and Consultations
  • Pre-Purchase Exams
  • Preventive Foot Care Programs
  • Trimming of farm/exotic/zoo animals
  • Veterinarian and Farrier Consultations
  • Lecturer and Clinician
  • Externship and Internship Programs
  • Portable X-Ray Availability for the purpose of farriery for such things as providing correct  trimming, apply horseshoes
    and for correctly applying positive pressure rigid heart bars shoes to certain radiographic measurements on laminitic
Shoeing of Laminitic/Foundered Horse's
Esco typically shoes between 90-140 new laminitis cases per year and consults on another 60-75 cases per year.

Limb Length Disparities
Trimming and shoeing by the principles of balance, while taking the whole horse into consideration.  Holistic Farrier Care
through a traditional approach.

Ergotism and Fescue Lameness
Esco has dealt with dozens of cases and has published case studies on the identification, assessment, and treatment of
animals suffering from these types of fescue toxicities.

Lameness Cases
Esco has am innate ability to look at the whole horse to identify lameness insults while also dealing with the symptoms due the
original insult.

Esco is one of four farriers in the USA who legally own and use registered radiographic equipment for the use in their farrier
business.  This greatly advances his abilities to provide a better and more accurate farrier service.  Esco also teaches
radiology safety and understanding.
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