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Who is Esco Buff, PhD, APF-I, CF
Esco Buff, PhD, APF-I, CF is the owner of Esco Buff's Professional Farrier Service, LLC,
located in Western, New York.  He is an American Farriers Association (AFA) Certified
Farrier (CF), an
American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF) Accredited
Professional Farrier (APF) with an endorsement, a
NYS Gaming Commission Licensed
Farrier, a member of the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame, a Society Only Member
of the
American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR), and the Large Animal Diagnostic
Imaging Society (LADIS).

Esco started in the farrier industry trimming and shoeing horses in 1974.  Esco was
introduced to  blacksmithing and farrier work through his membership and association with
the Boy Scouts of American while a staff member of Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron,
New Mexico.  Esco is a graduate of New Mexico State Farrier School under Mogan I. "Razz"
Rasmussen (1974) and the Illinois State Horseshoeing School.  Esco is an Eagle Scout
with palms, an Ordained Minister; and holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a
Doctorate in Business Administration.  Esco resides in Upstate New York with his wife,
Christine, and their four children.

Esco is dedicated to excellence in horse foot care.  He has a strong interest in working with
foundered horse and limb length disparity horses.  Through applying the principles of hoof
balance, biomechanics and holistic body balance, Esco creates sound horses with healthy
functioning feet.

In Recognition of Distinguished Accomplishments, Achievements and Contributions in
Advancing the Farrier Industry, Esco Buff was inducted into the
International Horseshoeing
Hall of Fame in  February 2011.
Laminitis and Founder Treatment

Esco is routinely consulted for horse's that are foundered or with therapeutic shoeing
needs.  He typically shoes between 90 to 140 new foundered horse cases per year.  Esco
Buff has the only book published on how to correctly place positive pressure heart bar
shoes on a laminitic and foundered horse.

If you would like the best chances to save  your laminitic or foundered horse, then it is
advisable to follow Esco's radiograph procedures and shoeing protocol.  Esco also has
the only documented case of an animal whose coffin bone fell out of the foot.  To date, the
animal is sound.  See "Service and Specialities" for further information.

In a twelve year period (1991 to 2003), Esco has documented and shod over 625
new-foundered cases with a 98% survival rate.  Of these 82% returned to their original
state of soundness, 16% were unable to return to their original state of soundness and
2% were euthanized.  More information can be obtained under the link, "Laminitis and

Holistic-Traditional Farrier Approach

Esco approaches balancing the horse by incorporating the principles of Holism.  In farrier
work this means that isolated symptoms are considered secondary to the total physical
state.  Therefore, balance is performed by looking at the whole body of the horse.  Esco
accomplishes this through a more traditional approach or by using long established ways
of trimming and shoeing while incorporating Holism to achieve balance.
More information can be obtained under the link, "Limb Length Disparity."

Limb Length Disparity (Equine Anisomelia)

Limb Length Disparity (LLD) is an observable body imbalance and physical deviation that
manifests itself in a structurally and/or functionally different limb length, and more than
likely has been created due to congenital, hereditary, injuries, environmental, muscular
and/or spinal problems.  Identifying LLD includes a thorough evaluation of the
conformation, muscles, skeletal structures, movement and attitude of the horse.  There
are two types of LLD, structural or anatomic limb length disparity and functional or
apparent limb length disparity.  In horses, we are mainly dealing with functional LLD.  The
disorder of unequal limbs or lack of similarity goes by several names such as:  High-Low
Syndrome, Limb Length Inequality, Bilateral Asymmetry, Club Foot (not to be confused
with Club Feet).  Only a handful of equine professionals (the late Tony Gonzales, Doug
Butler, PhD, FWCF, CJF, Jacob Butler, CJF, Dr. Sue Ann Lesser, the late King Lamadora,
Kerry Ridgway, DVM, DC, David W. Gill, Esco Buff, PhD, CF to name a few) have dealt with
or described LLD.  This topic has been the subject of controversy, particularly in the areas
of causation, identification, treatment and clinical significance.  Esco was the second
person to author a book on this subject.  More information can be obtained under the link,
"Limb Length Disparity."

Publishing Works

Due to his extensive experience in shoeing foundered horse and limb length disparity
Esco has designed and published:  the radiograph documentation forms -The
Founder Data Collection and Analysis Form
, The Founder Radiographic Collection Form,
and  The Equine Digit Radiograph Form, the books - Founder Data Collection and
Analysis - How to take, read and interpret radiographs for the prognosis and treatment of
the foundered horse
, and Limb Length Disparity-Equine Anisomelia.  

Several of his articles can be found in the American Farriers Journal, European Farriers
l and the Professional Farriers Journal.  Esco was a columnist for the American
Farriers Journa
l writing practical business articles for farriers in each issue of the trade

Esco 's The Founder Data Collection and Analysis Form which is also referenced in the
farrier text book,
The Principles of Horseshoeing (P-3), written by Doug Butler, PhD,
FWCF, CJF and Jacob Butler, CJF;
The Veterinary Clinics of North America: Equine
, Volume26, Issue 1, April 2010; and Understanding the Horse's Foot, by John
Stewart, MA Vet, MB, MRCVS.


Esco shares his knowledge with an enthusiasm and dedication that reflects his love for
the horse and his trade.  He is an international speaker whose knowledge of the farrier  
craft make him a natural for consultations, group teaching experiences and as a
presenter at workshops, seminars and clinics.

Esco Buff lectures on such topics as:  Laminitis and  Foundered Horseshoeing, How to
Correctly Place a Rigid Steel Heart Bar Shoe, How to Take, Read, and Interpret
Radiographs for the Prognosis and Treatment of the Foundered Horse, Limb Length
Disparity Shoeing, Principles of Body and Limb Balance, Holistic-Traditional Farrier
Science, How to Set-Up and Run a Successful Farrier Business, Farrier Business Skills
and Lameness Problem Solving.  See Lectures, Clinics, and Events Page for more topics
and further details.

As an International Speaker, Esco has lectured at:  Luwex Hoof Symposium in Germany;
Norsk Hestesenter in Starum, Norway; DS Handvaerk and Industries, Odense, Denmark;
International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio; Equine Affaire in
California,Massachusetts and Ohio; Can-Am in London, Canada; Life Data Labs
Research Farm in Cherokee, Alabama; Southern Veterinary Conference (SVA) in
Birmingham, Alabama; Eastern Farrier Conference at Danny Ward's in Martinsville,
Virginia; to name a few.  A complete list is located on this site.  See the link "Past

Esco is one of only 0.07% of farrier's chosen to represent the AAPF at the
2018 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Tryon, NC.  Esco
was also one of
the farriers for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games
.  Esco also served as one
of the
Farrier Team Members for the Dressage Test Event at the 2010 Kentucky Cup.

Esco was has been awarded with an Outstanding Presentation Award for a lectures
given at the 2009 and 2011 International Hoof Care Summit.

In Recognition of Distinguished Accomplishments, Achievements and Contributions in
Advancing the Farrier Industry, Esco was inducted into the
International Horseshoeing
Hall of Fame in  February 2011.

In 2014 and 2015, Esco was recognized for being the Top Ten Most Continuing Education
Credits as awarded by the America Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF).  Esco
has been a NYS Gaming Commission Licensed Farrier since 2016.

Esco Buff, also owns a
CR x-ray machine that is legally registered in several states,
which allows him to be able to take radiographs for the purpose of farriery for such things
as providing correct  trimming, apply horseshoes and for correctly applying positive
pressure rigid heart bars shoes to certain radiographic measurements on laminitic
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